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So I have a bit of free time.. so I decided to post my gaming wish list of (mostly) 2008 releases.
All those games are for PC as you may notice, as the latest console i own is a dusty old ps2. The entries are filed by descending order of me wanting them.

Half Life 2: Episode 3
The 3rd and final Installment in VALVe’s episodic gaming content.This closing chapter is promising in both story, and the gameplay departments, and is going to be a hit in the already existing, pretty huge, fan base.

Left 4 Dead
Like all those zombie movies like “dawn of the dead” where a group of folks get trapped together in a zombie infested environment and need to work together to get to a better place with supplies or just get the fuck out. Well I know that at least I found that situation exiting, well minus the danger of actually dying – Left 4 Dead is exactly that. Think of it as a rollercoster – you get the cool adrenaline shot without the danger of been killed.

Fallout 3
Let me first state that I am a HUGE fan of the fallout series so far (even liked the tactics game). Now that e3 has come and gone and the first gameplay video has been released I have been more sceptical on this one. First of all there is no top-down-third-person mode for it to look like the originals, second of all, and a bit more disturbing is the fact that by the look of the video there doesn’t appear to be a consistent turn-based battle, but a “press button to use turn-based targeting system”. I don’t know how good this will work but as a fan I’m definitely getting the game and trying it for myself.

Grand Theft Auto 4 – PC
The tradition of releasing a GTA game to the consoles first is a long lasting one, but that tradition also includes releasing that game for the PC a few month later. Thus far there appears to be no announcement of such, but I keep hoping and waiting.

Spore, the little creature maturing in EA’s MAXIS. I have been following this one back from the beginning of it and it seems to promise a lot of new and innovation. I still do not know how I will feel about the game after I play it and it all depends on it’s playability and replayability – how interesting or boring will it be to play the “live your creature” game and how much will I want to go through it over and over again.

Starcraft 2
I am a big RTS fan since my first PC (Total Annihilation) and still am (replaying Warcraft 3 from time to time), so I will really want to check out the new release from Blizzard. I haven’t played the first installment so I am not as exited as everyone and their mother but I am still looking forward to playing it.

Subversion and The Crossing
Both I know very little about but both seem to promise some very new and innovative gaming.. so I am looking forward for some info on those two as well as trying them out myself.

If you have some games you are looking for or just want to discuss the ones I mention feel free to leave a comment.


The performance report on Team Fortress 2 really is true about my personality:

Engineer(11) – You just build something, near your base where there is not too much shooting. And you wait (go make a sandwich or something)
Demoman(10) – Big splash damage – you just shoot at a big crowd of enemies and hope some of it hits.
Medic(9) – Following good players and hoping they don’t die too fast has always been a hobby of mine, in any online fps. Now you are rewarded for doing that.
Heavy(8) – You have lots of health and lots of ammo. Medics love you. Press the fire key and start blindly walking towards the enemy.
Soldier(8) – Big splash damage – same as demoman, you fire in the direction of the enemy and hope some of it hits.
Pyro(6) – On this one you have to actually be a part of the action, but on the other hand you can set people on fire, run away, and let them die.
Spy(6) – On this one you actually have to do some work – make sure none recognizes you.. but backstabs are cool, so it’s worth it.
Sniper(5) – You have to actually aim and shoot, not just blindly walk to the enemy. Is it a game or work?
Scout(3) – Run and shoot at the same time? What do you think i am? A computer?

Conclusion – I’m too lazy to even play proper.. but who cares?


This is the first episode of a series I’m starting. I will be reviewing the last and greatest (or not) in casual gaming (mostly online).

In this episode I’ll be reviewing Campaign:

Welcome to the 2008 US election season, we have controversial statements, flayers all over the US, and a lot of taking and showing the candidates. But don’t YOU want a piece of the action? Always wanted to beat your opponent to the ground? Well now you can.. literally.

Do you really want to micromanage taxes and relevant issues or do you want to bitch slap your enemy around till he surrenders? As we all know, politics is a lot of back stabbing, cheating, attacking each other and doing anything to win. In preparation for the US election season comes a new game that takes the “politic” side of the hole thing to show you what really happens in the back stage of the political campaign. You may call it raw politics. I call it Campaign, by the guys over at THUP.

This is an online game, both multiplayer and singleplayer, that brings all those other political games to their knees. You start by choosing a candidate (out of the 6 running right now) and 3 asskicking assistants. You have the SPINMIESTER that will bring dirt on the enemy better than the typical “celebrity going crazy” tabloaid writer. You have the HATCHET MAN that will hack your way to presidancy. FUNDRAISER – the capitalizem in 1 human – will solve all your pains with a little injection of cash. And the OPERATIVE – who will hide in the shadows and strike the behind (mostly the lower part).

In the core, this is a very lite tern based strategy game. You have to capture lands to get money, but the goal is to “kill” the enemy candidate. So the balancing work isn’t obvious – do you go for the lands and ignore the enemy, or do you run towards the enemy and hope he dies fast? In the online gameplay I tested a few strategies. On one game, we were both going for lands only and it came to a situation that we are 1 squere apart but still none of us attacks the other.

The muliplayer mode is mostly fun. But i have to warn you, it’s very bugy. It takes a hole lot to connect, and the bugs just start there. The game clock stops suddenly, resets itself to a different time, come to 0 and just stops. Part of my games ended by me getting frustrated and just closing the window, but the rest, were real fun. You get tested every game, you can’t use the same moves to win, so you will need to be flexible and think a bit before making a move.

So the game in itself is quite good, both the single and multi modes. If it had a bit more things to do and a lot less buggy multiplayer it would probably get around the uper nines.


Yep, this is my room. You can see in it:

  • a router
  • a wireless switch
  • 2 tower pcs
  • 1 laptop pc
  • 1 monitor-keyboard-mouse
  • slim ps2
  • my dad’s old programing books
  • my food
  • cable video decoder (we have full cable 🙂 )
  • some school notebooks/books/papers and other mess
  • a$$load of wires

Basicly right now (except for school work, which i tend to realy delay – in hope i wont get fucked becouse of it at the end) I’m starting developing on a small 2d game engine (so far nothing done – and the little that i allready did none of it works =\) and experementing with the posibilety to develop, and maybe even to port to the ps2 (that would be realy, REALY great..)

About last post “need to learn on math” ye well i got kicked off my group into a lower one out of pure laziness..

I’m still doing my job as lead qa tester.. and still looking for more people for the project.

But I also started my own “development studio” called Bald Eagle Studios. So far we have:

ME(kost): programer, designer, writer
Denzel: programer (can’t be reached though)
wschlanger(Default): programer
Altmar: designer
Sir Freak: designer
bojje: writer
chris: writer

and the guys over at coffeeshark agreed to work with us as soon as we have a tech demo out 🙂

Well yep.. that’s so far.. I’ll keep you updated 🙂


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