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Posted on: May 15, 2008

This post (as a bit of others tried before and failed) is the start of a new era in my blog.

As you can see I finally managed to get rid of the old, ugly, layout, and got a new, simpler one to freshen this blog a bit.

Also as you can see there is a little clock in the right corner. I wrote this clock from scratch (as you can see from the previous post.)

So will a new layout and a new gadget do what it takes to finally zap this old hag of a blog to life? All that remains on your side is to hope, on mine on the other hand is to think of some not-so-boring post ideas.

Oh.. and actually write those..


Yep.. this baby is mine.. All my code, not a bit of it stolen..

It may look lame, but considering the fact that the first time I wrote any javascript code was about 3-4 hours ago – this is quite an acomplishment.

Yes, It is a simple clock.
It takes your system time and then starts advencing it 1 second at a time.

To take some of them go to

Here are some of my results:


JustSayHi - Science Quiz

146,635 People

$6100.00The Cadaver Calculator – Find out how much your body is worth.


53% Geek
To my defence, since when is Firefly and Star Trek knowladge NECESERY for beeing a geek?

The Caffeine Click Test - How Caffeinated Are You?

And that’s without ANY coffee intake at all 🙂

230 WATTS Body Battery Calculator – Find Out How Much Electricity Your Body is Producing –
It even sais i can:
# You could light up 2 light bulbs
# You could power 58 iPods
# You could power 1 Xbox 360
So now I’m SURE I’m buying a 360 (and cuirceting it throw my body)

The performance report on Team Fortress 2 really is true about my personality:

Engineer(11) – You just build something, near your base where there is not too much shooting. And you wait (go make a sandwich or something)
Demoman(10) – Big splash damage – you just shoot at a big crowd of enemies and hope some of it hits.
Medic(9) – Following good players and hoping they don’t die too fast has always been a hobby of mine, in any online fps. Now you are rewarded for doing that.
Heavy(8) – You have lots of health and lots of ammo. Medics love you. Press the fire key and start blindly walking towards the enemy.
Soldier(8) – Big splash damage – same as demoman, you fire in the direction of the enemy and hope some of it hits.
Pyro(6) – On this one you have to actually be a part of the action, but on the other hand you can set people on fire, run away, and let them die.
Spy(6) – On this one you actually have to do some work – make sure none recognizes you.. but backstabs are cool, so it’s worth it.
Sniper(5) – You have to actually aim and shoot, not just blindly walk to the enemy. Is it a game or work?
Scout(3) – Run and shoot at the same time? What do you think i am? A computer?

Conclusion – I’m too lazy to even play proper.. but who cares?


In recent news:

The successful science fiction novel series “Ender’s Game” gets a video game of it self. Orson Scott Card, the author of the series, signed a deal (January 29, 2008) with Chair Entertainment for the right of Ender-based video games. The game (which by some reports will just be the first of a series of games) will be based on the “Battle Room” concept from the original noval.

Chair’s press release reads:

Under the terms of the agreement, Chair has obtained the exclusive rights to develop Ender’s Game “Battle Room” video games across all next-generation consoles, handheld platforms, and PC. In collaboration with Orson Scott Card, Chair will begin development later this year with the first offering expected for release via downloadable platforms.

I personally am looking forward to this game and hope it wont “come out” as the ender’s game movie, the last official update on which is back from 2006 (and the movie is still not officially cancelled).

Do you look forward for this game?

Did you like playing the Nintendo Wii? Well I did, but the thing i disliked was the controller itself. It is quit tidius to hold to for a long time, not to talk about the damage it couses. Well how about having the same expirience but no controler in your hand? Zcam does exactly that, and from what it seems so far, it works realy good.

An Israeli firm (3dvsystems) shown off their Zcam device at this years CES which allows for gamers to control games just by moving around their hands. The technology has been in development for 10 years and the product is expected to be released this year at a cost of ÂŁ100 complete with a game.

The Zcam device has a regular camera as well as an infrared camera – which actualy record the distance from the device, creating a full 3d model real-time and interacting with it through the software. The Zcam seems to support every pc-based application to be writen on it. The Zcam seems to support different kinds of games (expect for that video, there is a video of someone controling a flight simulater by “holding” air). There looks to be some other applications for this device (most of which are described on their site).

The Israeli company has been working on the system for 10 years and plans to release its first low-cost camera to the public this year. When it is released it is likely to cost around ÂŁ100 with a game, according to reports.

So would you like to play “active” games without risking your new flat tv? Comment on what you think about this new device.


This is the first episode of a series I’m starting. I will be reviewing the last and greatest (or not) in casual gaming (mostly online).

In this episode I’ll be reviewing Campaign:

Welcome to the 2008 US election season, we have controversial statements, flayers all over the US, and a lot of taking and showing the candidates. But don’t YOU want a piece of the action? Always wanted to beat your opponent to the ground? Well now you can.. literally.

Do you really want to micromanage taxes and relevant issues or do you want to bitch slap your enemy around till he surrenders? As we all know, politics is a lot of back stabbing, cheating, attacking each other and doing anything to win. In preparation for the US election season comes a new game that takes the “politic” side of the hole thing to show you what really happens in the back stage of the political campaign. You may call it raw politics. I call it Campaign, by the guys over at THUP.

This is an online game, both multiplayer and singleplayer, that brings all those other political games to their knees. You start by choosing a candidate (out of the 6 running right now) and 3 asskicking assistants. You have the SPINMIESTER that will bring dirt on the enemy better than the typical “celebrity going crazy” tabloaid writer. You have the HATCHET MAN that will hack your way to presidancy. FUNDRAISER – the capitalizem in 1 human – will solve all your pains with a little injection of cash. And the OPERATIVE – who will hide in the shadows and strike the behind (mostly the lower part).

In the core, this is a very lite tern based strategy game. You have to capture lands to get money, but the goal is to “kill” the enemy candidate. So the balancing work isn’t obvious – do you go for the lands and ignore the enemy, or do you run towards the enemy and hope he dies fast? In the online gameplay I tested a few strategies. On one game, we were both going for lands only and it came to a situation that we are 1 squere apart but still none of us attacks the other.

The muliplayer mode is mostly fun. But i have to warn you, it’s very bugy. It takes a hole lot to connect, and the bugs just start there. The game clock stops suddenly, resets itself to a different time, come to 0 and just stops. Part of my games ended by me getting frustrated and just closing the window, but the rest, were real fun. You get tested every game, you can’t use the same moves to win, so you will need to be flexible and think a bit before making a move.

So the game in itself is quite good, both the single and multi modes. If it had a bit more things to do and a lot less buggy multiplayer it would probably get around the uper nines.


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