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So why haven’t I posted for a few month? again?


Well first of all I have my university admission exams next week (wish me luck) so I was trying to study my ass off to get into Computer Science. They have VERY high demands :(, but I’ll hope I’ll make it.


Anyways, In my few down momments, I was making the time to start coding my first real game, and here is the first build of it, enjoy:

Any comments, suggestions, question, anything is highly welcome 🙂


I’m back again.. this time i wont be using the forum at the previous manner, but use it as a platform for personal posts , “industry insider’s” posts and my opinions on gaming and the game industry.

I have been promoted recently. I was a QA tester (as stated in a previous post), now I am the lead of that department (ie. I’m “Lead QA”). A lot of new work and responsibility comes with this new title. The first one is recruiting new tester for the department (as I’m the only one right now). I have 3 interviews scheduled for tomorrow, and I hope I can find some skilled people for the department. Next i have to learn and teach all the necessary testing methods and methodologies. Then I have to write all the QA-documents needed for the start (like “Test Plan” and “QA testing guidelines” etc.) and write a few initual test suites (including all the cases). I’ll have to train a sub-lead as well that will be able to do all the daily managorial tasks (like helping and guiding testers writing test suites etc.)

So a lot of work is ahead of me.

Be back in a few.. cya all!

So who am I?
Well my name is Konstantine Kaploon, Or as my friends call me Kost.
I learn in school 5 days a week.
Have university courses on Fridays.
I work as an Intern Tester in a commercial game development company called Reverie World Studios.
The company is based in Toronto, Canada but has employees around the world.
Right now we are working on a RTS (Real Time Strategy) title called Dawn of Fantasy.
Dawn of Fantasy is supposed to be released for the PC and Xbox360.
I’m learning programing and game development on my free time, and want to be a programmer after i finish school. I would prefer of course to be a programmer in the game development field.

This blog will be about me, my life, programing, gamedev, gaming, tech and other random stuff i find on the net.

And to my first recommendation:

From the official site:

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Thats all for now, take care.

Ok basicly i had a blog before.. but in hebrew.. im tired of it so i opened this one.
This blog wont in anyway be interesting or shit, it will have random net stuff, and maybe sometimes things about myself.

To kick it off where is a cool quote from an IRC chat room –

Razer: Shit..DS is coming..
TriSpear: how do you know?
Wicked_Sword: The annoying n00b f00?
Razer: He just signed onto AIM..
EnergyWave: yeah…the kid who sucks at being a sader..
Wicked_Sword: Shit shit shit
Razer: Hide!!
* Razer is now known as Razer[Away]
* DevilsGrace is now known as DevilsGrace[Out]
* Wicked_Sword is now known as WS[Away]
* TriSpear is now known as Tri[Gone]
* Hampton is now known as Hampton[bbl]
* EnergyWave is now known as EnergyWave[afk]
* _Godly_Strike_ is now known as GS[bbiab]
Razer[Away]: >.>
* DarkShadows has joined #Saders
DarkShadows: hey evry1
DarkShadows: n e 1 wanna play w/ me
DarkShadows: 1 here..
* DarkShadows has Quit(Quit: User Exited)
Razer[Away]: w00t!
WS[Away]: I kinda feel bad for him..Now…He just got ditched by an entire channel…

My name is kost,
and welcome to my new blog.
😀 enjoy.

My name is Kostia Kaploon, I'm a game developer, and this is my blog.
July 2018
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