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So I have a bit of free time.. so I decided to post my gaming wish list of (mostly) 2008 releases.
All those games are for PC as you may notice, as the latest console i own is a dusty old ps2. The entries are filed by descending order of me wanting them.

Half Life 2: Episode 3
The 3rd and final Installment in VALVe’s episodic gaming content.This closing chapter is promising in both story, and the gameplay departments, and is going to be a hit in the already existing, pretty huge, fan base.

Left 4 Dead
Like all those zombie movies like “dawn of the dead” where a group of folks get trapped together in a zombie infested environment and need to work together to get to a better place with supplies or just get the fuck out. Well I know that at least I found that situation exiting, well minus the danger of actually dying – Left 4 Dead is exactly that. Think of it as a rollercoster – you get the cool adrenaline shot without the danger of been killed.

Fallout 3
Let me first state that I am a HUGE fan of the fallout series so far (even liked the tactics game). Now that e3 has come and gone and the first gameplay video has been released I have been more sceptical on this one. First of all there is no top-down-third-person mode for it to look like the originals, second of all, and a bit more disturbing is the fact that by the look of the video there doesn’t appear to be a consistent turn-based battle, but a “press button to use turn-based targeting system”. I don’t know how good this will work but as a fan I’m definitely getting the game and trying it for myself.

Grand Theft Auto 4 – PC
The tradition of releasing a GTA game to the consoles first is a long lasting one, but that tradition also includes releasing that game for the PC a few month later. Thus far there appears to be no announcement of such, but I keep hoping and waiting.

Spore, the little creature maturing in EA’s MAXIS. I have been following this one back from the beginning of it and it seems to promise a lot of new and innovation. I still do not know how I will feel about the game after I play it and it all depends on it’s playability and replayability – how interesting or boring will it be to play the “live your creature” game and how much will I want to go through it over and over again.

Starcraft 2
I am a big RTS fan since my first PC (Total Annihilation) and still am (replaying Warcraft 3 from time to time), so I will really want to check out the new release from Blizzard. I haven’t played the first installment so I am not as exited as everyone and their mother but I am still looking forward to playing it.

Subversion and The Crossing
Both I know very little about but both seem to promise some very new and innovative gaming.. so I am looking forward for some info on those two as well as trying them out myself.

If you have some games you are looking for or just want to discuss the ones I mention feel free to leave a comment.


The performance report on Team Fortress 2 really is true about my personality:

Engineer(11) – You just build something, near your base where there is not too much shooting. And you wait (go make a sandwich or something)
Demoman(10) – Big splash damage – you just shoot at a big crowd of enemies and hope some of it hits.
Medic(9) – Following good players and hoping they don’t die too fast has always been a hobby of mine, in any online fps. Now you are rewarded for doing that.
Heavy(8) – You have lots of health and lots of ammo. Medics love you. Press the fire key and start blindly walking towards the enemy.
Soldier(8) – Big splash damage – same as demoman, you fire in the direction of the enemy and hope some of it hits.
Pyro(6) – On this one you have to actually be a part of the action, but on the other hand you can set people on fire, run away, and let them die.
Spy(6) – On this one you actually have to do some work – make sure none recognizes you.. but backstabs are cool, so it’s worth it.
Sniper(5) – You have to actually aim and shoot, not just blindly walk to the enemy. Is it a game or work?
Scout(3) – Run and shoot at the same time? What do you think i am? A computer?

Conclusion – I’m too lazy to even play proper.. but who cares?


I’m back again.. this time i wont be using the forum at the previous manner, but use it as a platform for personal posts , “industry insider’s” posts and my opinions on gaming and the game industry.

I have been promoted recently. I was a QA tester (as stated in a previous post), now I am the lead of that department (ie. I’m “Lead QA”). A lot of new work and responsibility comes with this new title. The first one is recruiting new tester for the department (as I’m the only one right now). I have 3 interviews scheduled for tomorrow, and I hope I can find some skilled people for the department. Next i have to learn and teach all the necessary testing methods and methodologies. Then I have to write all the QA-documents needed for the start (like “Test Plan” and “QA testing guidelines” etc.) and write a few initual test suites (including all the cases). I’ll have to train a sub-lead as well that will be able to do all the daily managorial tasks (like helping and guiding testers writing test suites etc.)

So a lot of work is ahead of me.

Be back in a few.. cya all!

The UK secret services are having a personal problem. Yes, James Bond did his work as good as he could, but in the end of the day he is only one man. The overwhelming need for new recruits is forcing the different agencies to advertise in some pretty odd places.

While MI5 decided to advertise on sides of buses and the women magazine the “Cosmopolitan”, the British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) picked a more unconventional yet popular media with his target audience – video games.

Starting next month, the GCHQ recruitment ad will feature on a number of action games including Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Need for Speed Carbon. Huge boards will call out all gamers to join the GCHQ ranks. The people from the agency hope that the action in said games will help deliver the massage to the teenagers.

A speaker from the organization said that the requirements for new recruits in the GCHQ are “Understanding in computers, adaptability with technology and quick thinking”, traits that are common among the gamers. The agency promises to monitor the effectiveness of this campaign.


Want someting new and fun to pass a little time with and posibaly fall in love? Here are 3 of the latest and greatest video-game demoes:

Hellgate: London

The new action RPG / hack and slash game from the guys that brought us the Diablo series. The game takes place in the near future (25 years from now) where the world has been destroyed by daemons. This apocalyptic world is mainly populated by priests and prophets that predicted the coming. While most of London is on fire and the human population is pushed to go to the underground, those priests and prophets are left to save the human race. With new technologies backed up with ancient magical objects, they manage to produce weapons and armors. Will humanity survive the horror?

Download Here – 1.5GB

Painkiller: Overdose

A new action/horror game by Mindware. This game started out as a mode to the original Painkiller, and developed into a full production. The game contains over 40 hell-spawn daemons , 6 new weapons and advanced physics. The horror style of game play and the adrenaline pumped slater of hundreds of beasts from hell tries to give you the feel of the original Doom fun and bloody game play. That’s the time to repaint the walls into hell daemon gut!

Download Here – 700MB

Tarr Chronicles

A new space shooter with RPG elemnts from Quasar Studio. The game feathers epic space battles, taking place in the future, of humans against aliens. You play the pilot of a human fighter ship in the fleet of the human masterpiece, the huge Battlecruiser Talestra. The hole solar system lies in vain after massive bloodshed. Hopes are regained when Talestra finds a lost ancient city, that can bring the whole solar system back to it’s lost glory. The hostile aliens have other things in mind for the artifacts on that ancient city, and start attacking the Battlecruiser. Lost far in space and behind enemy lines, the player has to lead an elite group of fighters to overcome this great threat.

Download Here – 500MB


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