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So why haven’t I posted for a few month? again?


Well first of all I have my university admission exams next week (wish me luck) so I was trying to study my ass off to get into Computer Science. They have VERY high demands :(, but I’ll hope I’ll make it.


Anyways, In my few down momments, I was making the time to start coding my first real game, and here is the first build of it, enjoy:

Any comments, suggestions, question, anything is highly welcome 🙂


Yep, this is my room. You can see in it:

  • a router
  • a wireless switch
  • 2 tower pcs
  • 1 laptop pc
  • 1 monitor-keyboard-mouse
  • slim ps2
  • my dad’s old programing books
  • my food
  • cable video decoder (we have full cable 🙂 )
  • some school notebooks/books/papers and other mess
  • a$$load of wires

Basicly right now (except for school work, which i tend to realy delay – in hope i wont get fucked becouse of it at the end) I’m starting developing on a small 2d game engine (so far nothing done – and the little that i allready did none of it works =\) and experementing with the posibilety to develop, and maybe even to port to the ps2 (that would be realy, REALY great..)

About last post “need to learn on math” ye well i got kicked off my group into a lower one out of pure laziness..

I’m still doing my job as lead qa tester.. and still looking for more people for the project.

But I also started my own “development studio” called Bald Eagle Studios. So far we have:

ME(kost): programer, designer, writer
Denzel: programer (can’t be reached though)
wschlanger(Default): programer
Altmar: designer
Sir Freak: designer
bojje: writer
chris: writer

and the guys over at coffeeshark agreed to work with us as soon as we have a tech demo out 🙂

Well yep.. that’s so far.. I’ll keep you updated 🙂


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