The Nuclear Reactor

Captain’s Log #004

Posted on: November 5, 2008

So long time no update ah? well i have been working most of this time, problem was i had nothing big enough to brag about accomplishing (and the captain doesn’t talk about his failures, usually).

So since the last post I have:

  • Learned C#/XNA
  • Ported the little code i had from Kpong (C++) to XKpong (XNA/C#)
  • Fixed Collision Detection on XKpong (will port it back to Kpong later)
  • Implemented an ugly ScreenManager (to switch between menu screen, the game screen, credit screen and so forth).

Now I’m working on implementing a nicer, OOP, ScreenManager on Kpong. As soon as i started I realized that I don’t understand polymorphism correctly, so i had to crack open the good old C++ books, and I think i understand it currently now, and if I do, I now know why OOP is so much better than functional programing!

Anyway, I started working on my ScreenManager in C++ and so far I have implemented in it a lot of stuff that I have never used in an active project before (as opposed to a study project or an exercise) , so this is gonna be today’s achievement 🙂


Today’s accomplishments so far:

  • first use of new and delete in an active project
  • first use of std::vector in an active project
  • first use of iterator in an active project
  • first use of a derived class and a virtual member in an active project
  • correct use of pointers (those are nasty)

That’s it for today i guess, I hope by tomorrow I’ll finish the basic skeleton of this thing and start implementing it onto actual SDL code. Oh and my TV decoder broke today, so I’m having TV withdrawal right now.



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