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Captain’s Log #003

Posted on: October 21, 2008

    Today was another day of my (very slow) coding marathon. As I may or may not have mentioned before, I work from home as a GM (Game Master) for a web-based game called Moondo (

    I mainly corrected my Collision Detection code a bit. After that I proceeded to testing my build on several machines, and tested different distribution and packaging techniques (creating installers and stuff like that).

    I have been invited to a very promising game project, to the XNA position. As a result I have spent the rest of the day learning about C# and XNA, and it goes surprisingly smooth so far. I have previous experience in C++ so the syntax is pretty familiar to me. I also had some Java courses, so I have some understanding of how a managed language works.

    Also C# gets you 2 features that makes it criminally easy to write correct code: There is a full code autocomplete, which holds all the methods, classes, variables and so on, including the ones you write. So for almost any code you write, once you put the  .  (which you do a lot in a managed language) it gives you a full list of all the things you can put there. 

    The second thing about C# that I liked a lot, is it has LIVE error detection – which basically means that you don’t have to compile the code every time you want to check it for errors, which rocks a lot in comparison to C++, where you need to compile a project, which takes quite a lot time in the bigger projects, just to see if your code has errors.

    So my Kpong (C++ version) is put on hold right now, and I’m learning C#/XNA right now, and I will post the project I will be working on with XNA once I’m fully accepted and start working on it.


Today’s accomplishments so far:

*Fixed some of Kpong’s collision detection code.

*Got a working C#/XNA setup working on my programming computer.

*Learned a bit of C#/XNA (up to drawing in a window).


good night folks,



1 Response to "Captain’s Log #003"

Welcome to the world of XNA 🙂 As a C++ developer myself I find XNA a refreshing alternative to the long drawn out process of programming 🙂

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