The Nuclear Reactor

Captain’s Log #001

Posted on: October 18, 2008

As this has become a completely readerless blog, I’m going to be using it as my own personal journal, and if you happen to stumble upon it and read it, have fun.

First of all this is the first post since i got back to programing (at last) and I’m having fun with it. Also since the last one I was very ill, visited the hospital like 20 times (was hospitalized 3-4 times) and got better and even got back to work.

Now that I’m programing, I’m using C++, with Visual Studio 2008 (ported from dev-cpp just today) and with SDL as a game library. Yes, I’m working on a game. Well not actually a game, just a pong clone for now to get my feet wet in the field at last. I think i have learned enough to have a working draft in 2 days.. but i want to optimize it a bit more before i release my first alpha version here on the site.

Right now I’m trying to figure out how a good Collision Detection system would work (I know i don’t need to complicate it for a Pong clone but I do it for the learning experience) and when I’m done with that I would either do a state manager or improve my sprite loader’s resource management.


Today’s accomplishments so far:

*Successfully porting from DevCpp to VS2008.


That’s it for today,

keep working kost.


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My name is Kostia Kaploon, I'm a game developer, and this is my blog.
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