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A weird personalty, quiz

Posted on: June 4, 2008

Does your name begin with a letter in the alphabet? Nope, it starts with a number, my name is 42kost (NOT)
Are you still in grade school? not realy (im still in school. but my grades are missing..)
Do you have higher than a 3.0 GPA in school? No idea.. live in Israel
Are you drifting away from someone you were close with? Actually I am
Do you live in a subdivision? WTF??
Are you related to anyone famous? Does me in the future count?
Are you afraid of spiders? no so much.. just feel a grand urge to kill em
Would you rather be in front of a cozy fire or at a club? Fire.. with some people I know inside it..
Have you ever had an ear infection? No clue
Do you get sick easily? Sir, Yes, Sir
Can you lick your nose? Of couse!!! becouse it is SUPER usefull.. (NOT)
Did you just try to lick your nose? common..
Can you smell colors? I wish
Is it possible for people to smell colors? Yes, now go wiki it.
Do you know how to tie a tie? Nope
Do you know how to tie a bow tie? No
How often do you pee? Lost my pee counter.. sorry..
Was that question the least bit offensive to you? If I wasn’t as bored as I am right now..
Do you believe in ghosts? I don’t believe in anything “supernatural”.
Do you believe in Satan? See above.
Can you remember you best friend in the first grade? Actualy I do.. his name is Kostia, just like mine and he lives a five minute walk from where I do.. so I see him from time to time..
How much time do you spend watching TV a day? This counter overloaded the first week..
Do you enjoy scary movies? I enjoy “scary movies”
What’s your favorite scary movie? “Scary Movie 1,2,3,4”
Do you like the show Family Guy? I am on the internet, am I not?
What is your age? 18 and legal
Have you ever met anyone famous? See the famous question above
Do you have any diseases? Should I start counting?
Can you drive? Does NFS count?
Do you still look like the picture on your driver’s license? YES!! I like every photo of mine that doesn’t exist..
Do you have children? No
Am I an idiot? Well you made this survey, so I guess u are..
Do you have your own computer? Does 3 Count?
Do you live by yourself? Still with parents..
Can you whistle out your nose? WHY THE FUCK did anyone think THIS is a good idea?
Do you enjoy school? Only the parts when I didn’t visit it..
Can you name your three best friends? Me, ME and me
Do you like to be alone? Sometimes..
Do you like children? When I’m bored
Are you easily confused? Sometimes.. Maybe.. What?
Are you a sleeper? HELL YES
Can you tell the difference between softball and baseball? Two games with a ball, and the first one is softer??
What’s your favorite sport? Wii 😀
Is this random enough for you? Seen more random shit.. Like white noice..
Are your eyes blue? Blue and Green, depending on the day (I swear my life on that one!! They really are!!!)
Did you enjoy taking this survey? Nope.. was just too bored for a real post.

Stoled from a semi crazy, fully funny person

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An interesting survey…lol

4ll Sports

This is my boyfriend 🙂

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